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A new simple way to connect schools, tournament organizers and players. Beachers will be able to manage their medical visits, register for any tournament in the world, have an agenda with the events in which they participate and much more! All in one app: BeachVolleyGO.

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How it works


Completely free for beachvolley players looking for a tournament


Create your own school and publish one of your events, thousands of players will see it and sign up directly from the app


BeachVolleyGO supports the following tournament types: 2x2 male, 2x2 female, 2x2 mixed, 3x3 male, 3x3 female, 4x4 mixed, King & Queen of the Beach


Subscribe to tournaments in a few steps

Change team

If you need to change your partner or a member of your team, you can do it! In a few steps you can independently manage your tournament subscribe


Thanks to BeachVolleyGO Manager, tournament organizers can manage their tournament in complete autonomy. All automated, just Excel sheets! And all users will be able to follow your event live from the app

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Good idea

Antonio Maccarelli

Lo strumento essenziale che mancava al beacher sempre a caccia di sfide! Ottimo anche per chi deve promuove un torneo.

Anna Rado

L'App che mancava, idea geniale. Fatta bene e soprattutto utilissima per i giocatori di Beach Volley alla ricerca di tornei

Giovanni Cristiano

Facile da usare e veloce: 5⛤

Enrico Ozzi
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Frequently asked questions

01. I have a beachvolley school and I would like to publish a tournament. What should I do?
First, download the app, then create your profile (we recommend using Facebook for simplicity). After creating your profile you need to create the official school profile, from there you simply create your own tournament. That' s it and enjoy!
02. Is the app free?
Yes, it is completely free, both for players and for schools
03. I downloaded the app to sign up for a tournament. What should I do?
To register for tournaments just select the event from the map or from the list and press the "Subscribe" button, then choose your partner to send the request to participate. When all team members accept your invitation, you are automatically enrolled.